Choosing Your Gown Among a Sea of Options

Our society has been inundated by media in all forms: print, digital, social, audio... With the outlets available to brides as they begin looking for ideas about what type of gown they might like to wear down the aisle, becoming overwhelmed is easy. Type “wedding gowns” into the Pinterest search bar and a bride will be immediately able to access thousands of photos of all sorts of different looks. So, in  2018, among all these seemingly inexhaustible options and sources of inspiration and Pin Boards and Instagram, how is a bride supposed to choose The One?

The answer to that question is both multi-faceted, yet intimidatingly simple: with purpose.

Common questions I’m asked by many women who shop with us at Sposa Bella are What if I fall in love with the first gown I try on? Will I cry? What if I end up loving more than one? How will I know this is my gown?

Let’s break these questions down and talk about the answers to each.

What if I fall in love with the first gown I try on?
This happens more often than you think. It’s perfectly fine to choose the first one you try on! The good part about loving the very first gown is that you now have a means of comparison. If you continue to prefer the first gown to all other subsequent gowns, it’s probably the one for you! Also, do not feel obligated to try on a dozen different gowns after the first one. If you try on four or five more and still love the first, that is usually an even better indicator that the first gown is your gown!

Will I cry?
Who knows? You might. If you’re a crier, you’ll probably cry. If you’re not, you probably won’t...or you might. Sometimes, the bride cries because her mom/sister/best friend/future M-I-L gets teary. Sometimes, the bride cries because the Oh-my-goodness-I’m-actually-getting-married-to-the-perfect-partner registers. Either way, no, the gown does not have to make you cry to be considered The One. I promise! We’re well stocked with tissues regardless!

What if I end up loving more than one?
This happens to many brides. The fun part is that the two (sometimes three or four!) gowns are occasionally utterly different from one another. Just take a deep breath, close your eyes, and imagine… You’ve purchased your gown and are driving home. You chose gown A. How do you feel? Now imagine the same scenario with gown B.

How will I know this is my gown?
Ultimately, choosing your gown comes down to one simple concept: Which gown simultaneously makes you feel most like yourself, but also like your vision of yourself as a bride? The gown that accomplishes both of these tasks is your gown.

Now, while I write this, I understand that not all women experience anxiety or stress when they are tasked with choosing a gown. I had a bride about a year ago who put on two gowns (yes, just two!) and was able to choose between them.

The rest of us mortals may need a little more guidance.

All of the gowns are beautiful. I know! We struggle to choose only 20 each season! Just bear in mind that there will always be another gown, another designer, another season, another batch of options. Shopping for your wedding gown is as much of a process as you’re willing to let it become. When you put on a gown that makes you feel beautiful, confident, and, most importantly, like yourself, you’ve found your gown! But, when you make that choice, mean it. Choose that gown for you!


Find Your Fit: Keeping an Open Mind When Shopping for THE GOWN

In our post from January 2018 we mentioned a tip that suggests being open minded with regard to the fit and style of gowns you try on. In this post, we’ll explore that idea!

By this point, maybe you’ve imagined what your gown might look like. You’ve probably pilfered through magazines, Pinterest boards, Google searches, and countless Instagram accounts. Perhaps you’ve even made up your mind about lace, sparkle, different fabrics, necklines, and silhouettes. Sound familiar?  

Fast forward to your bridal appointment. You’ve said you want a lace ball gown that has some kind of strap or sleeve. You’ve tried on many and loved each one more than the last! You’ve even tried a couple of gowns that were a bit outside the parameters you set for yourself. Next, your consultant selects a gown off the rack that is completely unlike what you’ve been trying on. It’s fitted, it has no lace, and an off-the-shoulder neckline - something you would never choose yourself. She says something like “Would you mind slipping this on? I feel like it would be a fabulous fit on you. I know it’s not what you’ve asked for, but I think it would look fabulous on you.”

 "I'm open to trying anything," you say (even though you're looking at the gown on the hanger thinking "no way, Jose...").

Then, it happens.

You come out of the fitting room and see yourself in this new gown. "Oh, my goodness," you think. "WHO IS THIS GODDESS?!" You examine the exquisite creature in the mirror and cannot help but smile. “Wow,” you consider . “I look like a bride.”

Wedding gown shopping is an experience unlike any other. You are selecting a garment you will remember for the rest of your life. Keep an open mind and willing spirit. You may surprise yourself and choose something you never thought you would choose. You may also choose a gown you’ve envisioned since you were a child. Either way, you will look the way YOU want to look on the day you make one of the most memorable walks of your life. And that? Is why we’re here.


So, what will you choose? Ballgown? Sheath? A-line? Fit and flare? Mermaid? Come spend some time with us at Sposa Bella and find out!


Why Shop With Us?

With as many options as brides have to shop for their gown in Acadiana, why shop with us? What sets Sposa Bella apart?

Plainly put, we treat people the way we hope to be treated. We embrace the Golden Rule and allow it to guide us in our daily practice.

We keep the environment in our store as intimate and inviting as possible. We do our best to schedule only one bridal appointment at a time. We pride ourselves on maintaining a calm, relaxed atmosphere as consistently as possible. We are small by design. Over the years, we’ve come to make these features our hallmark. While we love our gowns, designers, and, of course, our brides and their families, we also adore the atmosphere we’ve been fortunate to cultivate.

We understand that, while some women may put on a particular gown and just know it’s The One, other brides may prefer to “sleep on it.” We never enforce high pressure sales tactics or persuasive techniques. Bridal gowns are meaningful, once-in-a-lifetime purchases and we never want a client to experience buyer’s remorse. You’ll be looking at your wedding pictures for years to come and we want you to love your gown long after you and your partner’s big day! Our patience flows abundantly at Sposa Bella and we hope to guide our brides through this sometimes overwhelming process as comfortably as possible. It is a happy occasion, after all!

On that note, shopping for a bridal gown is just that: an occasion. You’re not buying a new pair of shoes or jeans. You’re choosing the garment for one of the most significant days of your life, and we’ll be here to guide you every step of the way!  

So, close your eyes and imagine. You’re walking down the aisle. What are you wearing?

You're engaged! Now what?!


At one point or another, every person thinks about what their wedding day will look like. When will it be? How old will I be? What will it look like? Who will be there? But the paramount question we all ask ourselves is WHO will it be? Now that you know the answer to the most important question, consider the answer to the second most important question: WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO WEAR?!

Working in the bridal business was something Theresa and I never intended. This industry found us - a happy accident of sorts. Throughout the last four years we’ve met hundreds of brides and their families and built meaningful relationships with clients, vendors, and countless members of our far reaching community. But the best part? The experience - hands down. We’ve gratefully worked with panicked brides, impossibly calm brides, brides who can only tell us what she doesn’t like, brides who like it all, the weepy bride, the brides who are flawlessly in control, the boho, classic, rustic, Hollywood glam, cowboy boots, and heels-to-the-sky brides, eloping brides, the we’ve-been-engaged-for-ten-years bride, emotional brides, brides planning blowout weddings, brides anticipating an intimate ceremony, the YOU NAME IT bride. We’ve worked with them all.

But, more importantly, regardless of the vision they have for their attire, our brides choose to trust us with helping them select one of the most important garments they will ever wear. That’s a heady task and not one we approach mildly.

If you’re like many brides, you’re probably excited, but also a bit nervous about shopping for your bridal gown. Fret not! You’re in good company...and good hands. Our team of professional consultants is here to make your experience as comfortable and relaxed as possible.

Here are a few tips and FAQs to help ease your mind and encourage your appointment to be as enjoyable and successful as possible:

Tip 1: Show that Pinterest board! Your consultant will select a handful of gowns for you to try based on your likes and dislikes, but visuals are always a great idea!

Tip 2: Be open minded! Sure, you’ve had your heart set on a silk ballgown with pockets and a train that rivals Princess Diana’s, a lace A-Line a la Kate Middleton, or a sleek, glamorous mermaid fit that highlights all your curves, but try different silhouettes. You might surprise yourself!

Tip 3: Keep your party small and comprised of supportive people who have opinions you value. A too-large group full of opinions may dissuade you from what YOU want.

Tip 4: Arrive at your appointment with hair and make up (if you normally wear it!) that makes you feel good! Post-yoga hair and no make up (again, if you normally wear it!) can alter your vision of yourself in a wedding gown.

Tip 5: RELAX! We pride ourselves on keeping SposaBella a calm environment especially for this reason.


FAQ 1: Do I need an appointment to try on gowns?
Appointments are preferred. Scheduling an appointment allows us to ensure that you have a consultant dedicated solely to you during your appointment time and that you have full access to a fitting room, pedestal, and mirrors.

FAQ 2: When are appointments available?
We schedule appointments Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 10:00AM - 5:00PM, Wednesdays form 10:00AM - 12:00PM, and on Saturdays from 9:00AM - until the last bride has shopped.

FAQ 3: How many people can I bring to my appointment?
We recommend keeping your shopping party limited to 4-5 people at most.

FAQ 4: Which designers do you carry?
We are proud exclusive Acadiana retailers for Justin Alexander, Essence of Australia, and a private label only available at SposaBella. We also carry a beautiful selection of veils, headpieces, and other accessories by BelAire Bridal.

FAQ 5: How long will my gown take to come in once it is ordered?
Special order gowns (a gown ordered especially for you!) typically take 16-18 weeks to arrive. Some require a bit more time, while others take less. Brides who wish to wear true white (as opposed to ivory) should allow up to six months for delivery.

FAQ 6: Will you tailor my gown in house or do I take it to a tailor?
Nearly every bride will need her gown tailored in some capacity. Fret not!  We refer many of our brides to various tailors in Acadiana. We likely work with one convenient to where to where you live! They are third parties who work for themselves at their own studios, but they work with many of our brides.

FAQ 7: Will I have to undress to try on gowns in front of the people in my group?
No. Our fitting grooms are separated from our pedestals. You will be able to put on and take off the gowns in private, but a consultant will be near your fitting room to zip, clip, and button the gowns once you have them on.


So, once again, close your eyes and imagine… You’re walking down the aisle. What are you wearing?