Why Shop With Us?

With as many options as brides have to shop for their gown in Acadiana, why shop with us? What sets Sposa Bella apart?

Plainly put, we treat people the way we hope to be treated. We embrace the Golden Rule and allow it to guide us in our daily practice.

We keep the environment in our store as intimate and inviting as possible. We do our best to schedule only one bridal appointment at a time. We pride ourselves on maintaining a calm, relaxed atmosphere as consistently as possible. We are small by design. Over the years, we’ve come to make these features our hallmark. While we love our gowns, designers, and, of course, our brides and their families, we also adore the atmosphere we’ve been fortunate to cultivate.

We understand that, while some women may put on a particular gown and just know it’s The One, other brides may prefer to “sleep on it.” We never enforce high pressure sales tactics or persuasive techniques. Bridal gowns are meaningful, once-in-a-lifetime purchases and we never want a client to experience buyer’s remorse. You’ll be looking at your wedding pictures for years to come and we want you to love your gown long after you and your partner’s big day! Our patience flows abundantly at Sposa Bella and we hope to guide our brides through this sometimes overwhelming process as comfortably as possible. It is a happy occasion, after all!

On that note, shopping for a bridal gown is just that: an occasion. You’re not buying a new pair of shoes or jeans. You’re choosing the garment for one of the most significant days of your life, and we’ll be here to guide you every step of the way!  

So, close your eyes and imagine. You’re walking down the aisle. What are you wearing?