Find Your Fit: Keeping an Open Mind When Shopping for THE GOWN

In our post from January 2018 we mentioned a tip that suggests being open minded with regard to the fit and style of gowns you try on. In this post, we’ll explore that idea!

By this point, maybe you’ve imagined what your gown might look like. You’ve probably pilfered through magazines, Pinterest boards, Google searches, and countless Instagram accounts. Perhaps you’ve even made up your mind about lace, sparkle, different fabrics, necklines, and silhouettes. Sound familiar?  

Fast forward to your bridal appointment. You’ve said you want a lace ball gown that has some kind of strap or sleeve. You’ve tried on many and loved each one more than the last! You’ve even tried a couple of gowns that were a bit outside the parameters you set for yourself. Next, your consultant selects a gown off the rack that is completely unlike what you’ve been trying on. It’s fitted, it has no lace, and an off-the-shoulder neckline - something you would never choose yourself. She says something like “Would you mind slipping this on? I feel like it would be a fabulous fit on you. I know it’s not what you’ve asked for, but I think it would look fabulous on you.”

 "I'm open to trying anything," you say (even though you're looking at the gown on the hanger thinking "no way, Jose...").

Then, it happens.

You come out of the fitting room and see yourself in this new gown. "Oh, my goodness," you think. "WHO IS THIS GODDESS?!" You examine the exquisite creature in the mirror and cannot help but smile. “Wow,” you consider . “I look like a bride.”

Wedding gown shopping is an experience unlike any other. You are selecting a garment you will remember for the rest of your life. Keep an open mind and willing spirit. You may surprise yourself and choose something you never thought you would choose. You may also choose a gown you’ve envisioned since you were a child. Either way, you will look the way YOU want to look on the day you make one of the most memorable walks of your life. And that? Is why we’re here.


So, what will you choose? Ballgown? Sheath? A-line? Fit and flare? Mermaid? Come spend some time with us at Sposa Bella and find out!